Monday, 31 March 2014

26 Reasons - why to date a bookworm ! :D

The valentine's day has arrived ! the goosy gang will be busy searching their dates , fixing up their bar schedules ,surfing for online dating sites & then comes ur ideal date sits in your local library ! cozied up between stack of books & nose buried in an awesome novel !! ^_^

1.Giving them gift is easier. You can simply buy them a book of their interest and they will be more happy than ever

2.They are more expressive. They love to talk and share the stories they have read in the book and will do hard work to keep you amused.

3.They are very loyal. As a bookworm they are very unlikely to meet any other woman and cheat on you. Plus they also believe in one true love, so if they are with you than they are sure to stay with your life.

4.They are very Romantic. After reading a lots of books they have a vast knowledge of romantic stories and they tend to use those reference into experience.  So you are sure to go on a wild ride.

5.They are Smart. When dating a bookworm you will increase your knowledge and you won’t have to suffer from the embarrassment of  dating a person who doesn’t know anything. So on one hand you are gaining huge knowledge and on the other you are datin.

6.They're always down to travel.Visiting faraway lands via books only gives us the itch to venture to faraway lands IRL. Now, if only Narnia actually existed.
7.They're not needy.Stick a book under our nose, and... Oh! We forgot you were still here!

8. They're fiercely loyal.If we would follow John Green to the ends of the earth, we're obviously more than capable of having a long-term relationship.

9. They make cheap dates.C.S. Lewis said it best: "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." We'll take ours piping hot with a bit of honey, please.

10. You can always predict our moods.We laughed for hours when Hilly ate Minny's feces-filled cake in The Help, and cried for a week when Dumbledore died. If it's happening between the pages, you already know our answer to "How was your day?"

11. They're easy to buy gifts for.Just visit the nearest bookstore.

12.They’re Problem Solvers: When you spend your days reading all types of stories—you 
become an avid problem solver. Bookworms are exposed to all different types of scenarios, and they’ve learned how to get themselves out of all sorts of trouble. They can help you with a tough decision you need to make, or even easily iron out a problem between the both of you. If you have a bookworm as a partner you’ll also have someone in your corner willing to help you solve all of the problems life has to offer. (Photo via)

13.They Can Express Themselves: Ever date someone that has a hard time telling you how they feel? Well, you won’t have that problem with a bookworm! They spend their time reading one of the most respected forms of expression. With all that time reading, they’re bound to pick up a trick or two. Bookworms are able to express how they’re feeling through the power of words, and that can help make any relationship a little easier.

14.They’re Patient: Bookworms are no strangers to patience. After all, they have to sit through some of the most uneventful parts of their favorite stories in order to get to the good parts. Bookworms have an unshakable sense of patience when it comes to the long arduous process of courting. Bookworms will also be patient with you when things are tough, and that is an important characteristic with any relationship.

15.They Can Tell a Story: Not only do bookworms ingest a good amount of stories, but they can also tell a few. When you’re getting to know someone, swapping stories of childhood and High School is a great way to become familiar. Want to unwind from a long day? Your bookworm can tell you how their day was in an entertaining way. The bookworm is not only willing to share these stories, but you’re going to have a great time listening to them. 

16.he'll introduce you to the people ( to be precise : Characters) you've never met or thought of meeting. 

17. Your kids will have strange names, tastes and interesting character.

18. he will be far-far away from all those yo-yo boys who rests in peace in pubs & clubs during weekends. he'll better prefer to sit alone with a book on weekend nights.

19.They Don’t Mind Silence: The true test of a great relationship is the ability to sit together in silence. Bookworms thrive on silence. In fact, I’m pretty sure they feed off it. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit with your partner and read a good book without having to have any conversation. The bookworm can give you these moments of serenity.

20.They Listen: Not only do bookworms love silence, but they also know when to shut up and listen. They spend their days absorbing all sorts of stories, and they don’t mind listening to yours. Bookworms are great at listening. They don’t mind hearing about your day, or how you’ve been feeling. They’re not just sitting there on autopilot—they’re actually listening.

21.Date a guy who reveals his wallet for that thick leather bound book of adventures instead of wordless magazines of Maseratis and Ferraris. Date a guy who doesn’t waste his time sitting in the local bar cheering at football teams and wrestling themselves while they get on the high from drinking. Date a guy who got short sighted just because he couldn’t let go of that book in the middle of the night, straining himself all throughout the night just to see a beautiful ending at stunning twilight’s embrace.

22..It’s easy to date a guy who reads. For he will be faithful to you as he is to the countless of storybook heroes and heroines, villains and villainesses that passed his beady little eyes as the strolled down the pages of the books he read. For he will not be willing to go through another phase of depression as he did for every book he finished, for he knows too well the feeling to lose someone special. For that duration of time he indulges in the book, he feels himself walking side by side them, and as the pages draw to a close, he becomes somewhat loss as he returns to the reality around him.

23.He reads the same books over and over, just to reanimate those lost inspirations for awhile, for that feeling as though they returned to him. If he ever lost you, he’d look back on the times you spent together, trying to piece back the torn sheets of time, to recreate the story you once had before he was broken.

24.Dating a guy who reads will never be boring. For he will have his moments of solitude for his lovelies before you, but he does it discretely, in the bathroom, the middle of the night, meal times for he knows that nobody likes to be second, but on the other hand, nobody wants to be neglected too. Forgive him as he tries to stammer his way out of his loyalty to his books, for they are his muse just as much as you are his to him. He knows all the little tricks to make you smile, he mastered the way of the books to erase dullness between the both of you, for everything he does, he learns from the books he read. For he is filled with suspense and mystery, and just like any good book, he puts not words into a moment, whereas he creates moments with his own words.

25.You’ll find him looking at you dreamily but please don’t scold him, for to him, you are another good read, like the crisp old weathered books, you are the book that he has been searching for all these years, lost amongst all the other books in the endless library. For when he sees your face, he would be inventing ways to tell you how you complete him, or create scenarios of how life would be so wonderful with you. For as he looks into your eyes, he fantasizes not about lustful things man does, but the way you would be the loving mother to his child, and for you to be his wife, would be the perfect fairy tale ending to this book he writes known as Life.

26.Every time when he reads something romantic, he will have a wide grin thinking of you no matter where he is.

Find a guy who reads. He’ll be the one sitting alone at McDonald’s with a book, sophisticated at first sight, but as you peer closer, you’ll find out that to you, it’s just another story book, but to him it’s a reality based on a fantasy. He’ll be the only one who stands amongst children in the teen reader’s section of the book store, flipping through the crisp paperback books and contemplating on his final decision for he knows too that he can afford not of all the books that he desires.People laugh at the thought of this, but for him, he’s just trying hard to keep the child in him alive so that he doesn’t lose that tad bit of innocence, that hope that sometimes, maybe miracles do happen, that faith that lets him carry on to look for a brighter tomorrow.

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