Monday, 13 February 2017

Just Relationship Things!

The Types of Talks

Most relationships begin on a high note, fed with a generous amount of thrill, with copious amounts of mystery thrown in. But what makes your relationship interesting is the couple’s conversation.

There are a lot of things that are trademarked when you are in a relationship!
I have not dated much, but I do have an experience to tell what quality conversations can be like.

The unending fling

When you are truly madly deeply in love with someone , the spark stays there no matter how long you have dating.

-        I’m lucky to have you in my life.
-        You look so gorgeous.
-        You are the best thing that happened in my life.

And blah-blah-blahh.....

The midnight talks

The most favourite kind of talk among the couples is the Midnight talks. Covered under blanket, scolding’s from mom for staying awake late night , the husky voice talks.

The hyper excited talks

When know each other well & you start to share each & every pinch of details that happened to you to your better half.

These talks makes face light up your face brighter & filled with energy and listener keeps falling in love with you.

  The stupid talks

No matter how old we are ,  we are kid at heart. Even the most intellectual person talks stupid. We laugh the hell out in each others dumbest joke.

-        Why are blue berries blue ? Because they are BLUE berries !! Mehhhhh!!

  The meaningful talks

Sometimes you feel like you are stepping forward. You start talking your future , your career , you passion, your ambitions.

The breakdown talks

The beauty and depth of any relationship is that how you two communicate and how vulnerable you both are. There are bad When you bravely open up and tell your insecurities to your partner, it's the purest form of love! Conversations like these are everlasting in your heart .
-        I have never felt so humiliated, it was so bad. 
-        “You know you are the bravest person I have ever met, I can't deal with it the way you deal my lady”
-        “ Hey, come-on! You can cry. I know you don't do that in front of anyone, but it's okay to cry a little sometimes, here come rest your head here.”

      The funny bone talk
I don't know if everyone does it or not, but when you comment in sarcasm and the other one is able to take it on the chin things can't go better.

 The angry talks

It's common to fight and it's the necessary essence of a relationship. The talks and random irritations taking over is what leads to conversations like these;
- I hate you!
- Don’t ever talk to me
-  And you totally forgot my birthday isn’t it ?

 The silent talks

An important milestone of every relationship is discovering comfort in each other's company without needed to fill the silence with conversation. All you need is a hug or just a silent walk holding his/her hand .

The lovey dovey:

Apart form all this there is always a sentence that lights you up. No matter how depressed you are and these conversations are the ones that make you smile even when you are at your lowest;
  •          Makes me fall for you a little more
  •         I miss you
  •         I don't feel any worries when I am with you.

Many such words and conversations…but ultimately this one line:
“I Love You”

P.S. Special Thanks to Quora.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Just Engineering Things

I completed my 4 years of engineering . But still couldn't figure out what it really meant! Just engineering things for you !

Choosing for income

Adam Caroll says “College is a business decision”

Join A college , Get a degree , Get a job, Get paid for it . Live in Luxury !
Money Doesn’t buy you happiness. But absolutely lack of money certainly makes you unhappy. But again at certain point you will feel money won’t really makes you happier.
Lets say you work for 40-50 hours per week . Don’t let this 50 hrs just to mint money alone. Find Something you can be interested.

Letting Authoritical figures influencing you

What They see ?
  • Major  in something marketable
  • Stay away from small degree
  • Less risky
  • Do what that will get you paid

What you have to understand ?
  • You can learn from anyone
  • Experience is your teacher

“A king should be strong. He accepts counsel, but only when he asks for it. He makes clear that the final decision is his, not the counsellors "
                               -   The Well Of Ascension ( Mistborn Trilogy – Book 2)
Don’t let Anyone counsel pull you away from you passion too quickly.

Finding your passion

Finding your passion is terrible . Of course ! everyone will encounter this question to you.

  • What did the previous generations do ?
  • Focus on hard work
  • Job stability
  • fulfilling career
  • Complete boredom & uninteresting job

This means 100% mechanized life.

Choose a job you love , and you will never have to work a day in your life !
-          Confucius

What really Blocks you from getting a job is Experience !

When you work hard at something , you become good at it . When you become good at something ,you enjoy doing it . When you enjoy doing something , you will become passionate about it.
(It’s actually ‘Interest’ ! Don’t let you feel its your passion)

Reality is much more different from Academics.

“What you learn & do in your classroom is usually very poor indicator of what actual career in your major will be like.”
Internships?? This helps a lot to identify !

“Giving up is a tactical skill ! Not a weakness”
-          Cal Newport
It actually means turning your attention to a more promising opportunity

8.       Double Majoring without a reason
Looks more impressive on your resume . It will Eat up lot of time.

Instead of double majoring , what could be done?

  • Gain Work experience
  • Volunteering
  • Build social skills
  • Make connections
                      Choosing based on romanticized image

I completed four years in computer science engineering, Guess what I could be doing ?

  • Building own computer?
  • Tweaking the CPU& over clocking
  • Making own websites & Apps?
  • Programming for fun?
  • Experimenting with new software’s?
  • Hacking systems like they show in movies?

Its totally cool to get inspired by what you see in movies, read in book, play in games. But real world isn’t the same. Neither  you are a movie character.

Part of successfully reaching a destination or achieving goal is having a clear path to follow

Happiness doesn’t  comes from money as long as your basic needs are met . Additional money doesn’t give happiness, it gives material luxury . also brings problems .

Choose wisely .  Happy Day J

Monday, 23 February 2015

A - 24 hour's Coder - Saveetha's hackathon

Hackathon Night - HACK-B by Saveetha University .

It all started Here ......

This is how the team is formed 

Saran approached me for participating in hackathon . I immediately approached my all time partner Avanthika & we formed a team . we popped in saranya, close friend of ours with us . while registering team , the little lad sneha showed her interest in participating . Now our team is ready . 

Naming the team

once we registered our team , we created a whatsapp group. the initial discussion was naming our team , we discussed many names from local names to mission mars :D but none satisfied us . since it was planned on shivrathri night , we named our team as rudra . the name of shiva <3 .

Team RUDRA - sounded classy & superb !

The Idea
we discussed lot of topics , we planned to make windows phone API integration using BIT COIN transactions ! but we dropped it as we didn't even know what it is ? we were asked to submit the abstract the day before the hackathon . our idea is ready in a matter of 10 minutes . We planned to develop an explorer app for Chennai City . we named it as ENGA CHENNAI , then as NAMMA CHENNAI , Later we made it as NAMMA MADRAS , which gave us an emotional touch . 

The Pre-Hackathon discussions 

We barely discussed about the project . we were discussing about how to enjoy the night ! we discussed what snacks should be bought , what topics should we chit - chat etc., we didn't even care to download our software's . 

The Big-Night is here

Being a participant & none o your teammates having the required softwares . who cares , we are here for enjoyment . let's enjoy folks ! the fun began ! which didn't even last for hours . we faught & enjoyment came to an end . now we were serious  . its 2.00 AM , we didn't even code for a page . 2mins break for tea is a biggest break we took . still we had a problem with emulator , once its rectified , we still had a problem with path . then we didn't have a windows phone to run it ! omg ! atlast our app did run ! . . . . .

Dhik dhik dhik ...... minutes 

after so many struggles , we did complete our app ! we did a great work before the reviewers ! it seems they were happy with our works ! A small hope in got lit up ! we may atleast be the runner in the competition . our Faces went pale when the runners were announced ! its was not us ! some other team from ECE . :/ Karthika mam was about to announce the winners . almost my heart stopped pumping for a minute . it was us ! our names were called out ! no words came out o my mouth ! we did it ! Team Rudra Made the day ! :D WINNERS of HACK - B . 

The Reason Behind 

Our Anand sir was backbone of our team ! the supporting & encouraging person who helped us a lot during the competition . Thanks to him ! thanks to parthipan sir ! thanks to all the staff crew ! thanks to class advisor Mr. Ram Kumar who keeps on encouraging us . thanks to my buddies sankaran & subeendra for their support . :) Lokesh - u did a great a show man ! hats of _/\_ 

Though we had fights , we had misunderstandings , we WON at last :D . nanga eppovume apdi thaan 


Friday, 2 January 2015

Review - It Happens For A Reason By Preeti Shenoy

The Perfect New Year Treat 

I got this book a couple of weeks ago to my hands ! yet i waited ! so that i can start a new fresh year with Preeti shenoy :) Preeti was always my favorite . i would suggest her books if my friends asks me to recommend a book . thanks Avanthika for gifting me an autographed copy on my birthday  :)

It happens for a reason - I should say the book exceeded my expectations. 


The Story is about Vipasha , who manages to get pregnant in her early twenties . out of all odds , she delivers her baby ,dropping out from college & with no idea o how to proceed further . of course with growing a child without its father . she becomes an entrepreneur by starting a dog care . some sudden incidents make her life upside down . will she ever cope up ? 

Things I loved 

1.The female leads(as every book of her's has) - Importance for their characters are given perfectly.
2.the Co-relating portrayal of characters , which one can relate to their own lives . 
3.The way she expressed her love towards dogs :')
4.The Bond Vee had towards Aryan,Ankush,Suchi,Manav,her dad,Saurab was brilliantly potrayed.
5.Though it started with a slow pace, it glued me up soon
6.The shows clean perspective of what life is

My heart beat started to race up towards the climax , after hearing about Aryan . I started to pray for him .i bet you , u'll end up with tears when you close this book .

P.S. Preeti is undeniably the best writer in this genre ! the way she talks about love & relationship is darn excellent . This book will definitely help you to get of any odd circumstances & makes your will power stronger .

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Half Girlfriend - Chetan Bhagat

The Half Girlfriend !
Okay.. so another hyped-up book by the author of masses is out. Like his all books this one also has a typical filmy plot. It's like the writer knows well that his book will be adapted into a Bollywood flick soon. He therefore writes accordingly.
I lost my 3 hours of sleep to read this one ! I was one of the many who pre-ordered the book, when Chetan Bhagat announced it officially.

What did i think of the book ?
I thought this book would something about friends-with-benefits, no-strings-attached type, which is now popularly trending. However, it is exactly the opposite. This is a tale of first love.

Plot 1 - New delhi
The bihari boy with no English fluency lands up in English speaking college through sports quota ! he meets a girl there ! The passion for basket ball brings them together ! they become close ! eventually the boy gets attracted to her ! she doesn't want any relationship ! but she agreed to be his half girl friend ! the boy thinks having an relationship will keep them together ! but he fails ! she leaves him ! she marries her cousin & flew to london ! the boy becomes devdas then ! he rejects his offer from an international bank & moves to his hometown !

Plot-2 Bihar
ok ! i'll make it short ! the boy helps his mother in bringing up his school ! bill gates is to visit his school for a function . he's preparing a speech ! hell ! She's back ! the bud in him started to bloom again ! they both seemed to be matured ! the boy makes a wonderful presentation in front of Gates ! the girl vanishes !

Plot-3 New York
the typical vaaranam aayiram style - the hero goes in search of heroine without a clue of where she is ! atlast he finds her ! marries her & return to India !
The irony is they have a kid & his name is SHYAM !

PROS - steamy sex or scandal – Yeah, there isn’t any. even limited no. of kisses is say !
2.Cheeky lines – Although sexist at places, his dialogues are realistic and humorous – a rare combo.
3.At last, Simple language, as always – CB and his idea of making everyone read.

Cons -
1. Predictable – Enough said.
2. There were few instances were the story was toooooo dragging. Especially the Bill Gates part, the search for Riya, etc.
3. Climax – typical ending.
4. Same narration style . Kinda got repetitive.

Verdict: Half girlfriend – A full predictable story with typical CB ingredients.A simple tale of a low-class boy, high-class girl romance in CB’s style.

P.S This will definitely make a Bollywood blockbuster, for this can be an awesome script for B-wood movies without even a change in the screenplay.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mysore Days

going for a trip with ur classmates , traveling with them & knowing more about them is really a bliss ! had a good time with you folks ! special  thanks  to sriram , rutvij , pratik ,rubpan , sakaran , sitharthan , yuvarani , swarna , nithya , bala ,saravana 

listing out those magical moments in order !

1. travelling to banglore 

didn't reserve the ticket till last moment  , travelling in bus , window seat , chill climate and a random girl sitting near you is really a boon ! :-D 

2.The Name boards 

after reaching banglore , im confused all the name boards are in kannada - it looked like , jaelabi's are made into pieces & struck on name board  

3.Auto Waalas 

east or west , north or south - the auto drivers are same throughout India . if u r new to the city , they'll empty ur purse ! :P 

4.selfie pulla ! 

hiring a photographer when u travel alone is too mainstream :P selfie's everywhere ! :P 

5.taj hotel 

being in a 5 star hotel is one of the greatest thing i hope ! 

6.people ! 

i loved those people in mysore ! they were really awesome ! <3 

7. Girls ! 

white skin - u girls everywere ! :P can't move the eyes off them ! 

8.NIE - National Institute of Engineering , Mysore 

couldn't forget this college ! had a beautiful tym there ! wish i had been there !

9.Mukhi's talk 

meeting the CEO of pepper square & had a great tym with him ! 

10.Night party @ NIE 

any college event was not as fun as i had in NIE ! 

11. The Preparation 

midnight preparation - on the day before the event with nithya & rubpan ! :D great tym with u folks ! 

12.The team 

having a good team will always make u cheered up !

13. The Presentation Day 

win are lose , we are happy at the end of the day ! :D  

14. Airport tamashaa 

@rutvij - u r timing sense was perfect !@ :D 

15 . The Food 

saturday night after party , the food was awsome ! harsha & team thanks for that ! 

16. The stay 

thanks BSNL for offering the stay for us in ur RTTC . we loved that place !


thanks NIE for choosing a perfect place for e-tour ! folks - u missed out the fun u had !

18 . BUS ride in NIE 

NIE guys & girls - u were awesome ! <3 thanks for those tamil songs u sung that day !

19. Party 

that surprise delights they gave on that day was mindblowing ! 

20 . Mc Donalds 

filling up ur tummy & having ur friends aroung is great fun ! 


i wish i stayed there for a longe time !

22. Train journey 

i always loved train journeys ! people became much closer ! special thanks to sriram ! 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

HBD Avanthika ! :)

Some People Really Occupy A Very Special Place in Ur Life.... 
They Are always Ur Partner in crime .... 
Besides this Whenever U Interact With Them,
It Brings A Bright Smile On Ur Lips! 
U Feel Positive Vibes Around U! 
U Feel So Attached To Them That U Can Spend Hours Talking To Them! ^_^

This Baby 
Celebrates her 20th Birthday ! 

As she celebrates another year of being what she is, here are 20 things that I love about Her ! 

1. She loves pani poori !

2.She loves Suresh Raina 

3.She is friendly !

4.She looks good in traditionals  !

5.She has a lovely voice ! :P 

6.She loves books 

7.She loves rajini kant

8. She loes to write !

9. She loves to draw !

10. She loves icecreams & cakes  !

12.She loves TEA

13.She loves to pose for photos 

14.She loves travelling

15.She loves talking ! 

16.She loves her cat - Anjali 

17.She loves taking selfies!

18 . She is an aspiring weightlifter :-p 

19. everyone loves her ^_^

20.She loves toys  :P 

She's always my bestieee ! :D