Thursday, 9 October 2014

Half Girlfriend - Chetan Bhagat

The Half Girlfriend !
Okay.. so another hyped-up book by the author of masses is out. Like his all books this one also has a typical filmy plot. It's like the writer knows well that his book will be adapted into a Bollywood flick soon. He therefore writes accordingly.
I lost my 3 hours of sleep to read this one ! I was one of the many who pre-ordered the book, when Chetan Bhagat announced it officially.

What did i think of the book ?
I thought this book would something about friends-with-benefits, no-strings-attached type, which is now popularly trending. However, it is exactly the opposite. This is a tale of first love.

Plot 1 - New delhi
The bihari boy with no English fluency lands up in English speaking college through sports quota ! he meets a girl there ! The passion for basket ball brings them together ! they become close ! eventually the boy gets attracted to her ! she doesn't want any relationship ! but she agreed to be his half girl friend ! the boy thinks having an relationship will keep them together ! but he fails ! she leaves him ! she marries her cousin & flew to london ! the boy becomes devdas then ! he rejects his offer from an international bank & moves to his hometown !

Plot-2 Bihar
ok ! i'll make it short ! the boy helps his mother in bringing up his school ! bill gates is to visit his school for a function . he's preparing a speech ! hell ! She's back ! the bud in him started to bloom again ! they both seemed to be matured ! the boy makes a wonderful presentation in front of Gates ! the girl vanishes !

Plot-3 New York
the typical vaaranam aayiram style - the hero goes in search of heroine without a clue of where she is ! atlast he finds her ! marries her & return to India !
The irony is they have a kid & his name is SHYAM !

PROS - steamy sex or scandal – Yeah, there isn’t any. even limited no. of kisses is say !
2.Cheeky lines – Although sexist at places, his dialogues are realistic and humorous – a rare combo.
3.At last, Simple language, as always – CB and his idea of making everyone read.

Cons -
1. Predictable – Enough said.
2. There were few instances were the story was toooooo dragging. Especially the Bill Gates part, the search for Riya, etc.
3. Climax – typical ending.
4. Same narration style . Kinda got repetitive.

Verdict: Half girlfriend – A full predictable story with typical CB ingredients.A simple tale of a low-class boy, high-class girl romance in CB’s style.

P.S This will definitely make a Bollywood blockbuster, for this can be an awesome script for B-wood movies without even a change in the screenplay.

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