Friday, 2 January 2015

Review - It Happens For A Reason By Preeti Shenoy

The Perfect New Year Treat 

I got this book a couple of weeks ago to my hands ! yet i waited ! so that i can start a new fresh year with Preeti shenoy :) Preeti was always my favorite . i would suggest her books if my friends asks me to recommend a book . thanks Avanthika for gifting me an autographed copy on my birthday  :)

It happens for a reason - I should say the book exceeded my expectations. 


The Story is about Vipasha , who manages to get pregnant in her early twenties . out of all odds , she delivers her baby ,dropping out from college & with no idea o how to proceed further . of course with growing a child without its father . she becomes an entrepreneur by starting a dog care . some sudden incidents make her life upside down . will she ever cope up ? 

Things I loved 

1.The female leads(as every book of her's has) - Importance for their characters are given perfectly.
2.the Co-relating portrayal of characters , which one can relate to their own lives . 
3.The way she expressed her love towards dogs :')
4.The Bond Vee had towards Aryan,Ankush,Suchi,Manav,her dad,Saurab was brilliantly potrayed.
5.Though it started with a slow pace, it glued me up soon
6.The shows clean perspective of what life is

My heart beat started to race up towards the climax , after hearing about Aryan . I started to pray for him .i bet you , u'll end up with tears when you close this book .

P.S. Preeti is undeniably the best writer in this genre ! the way she talks about love & relationship is darn excellent . This book will definitely help you to get of any odd circumstances & makes your will power stronger .

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