Monday, 23 February 2015

A - 24 hour's Coder - Saveetha's hackathon

Hackathon Night - HACK-B by Saveetha University .

It all started Here ......

This is how the team is formed 

Saran approached me for participating in hackathon . I immediately approached my all time partner Avanthika & we formed a team . we popped in saranya, close friend of ours with us . while registering team , the little lad sneha showed her interest in participating . Now our team is ready . 

Naming the team

once we registered our team , we created a whatsapp group. the initial discussion was naming our team , we discussed many names from local names to mission mars :D but none satisfied us . since it was planned on shivrathri night , we named our team as rudra . the name of shiva <3 .

Team RUDRA - sounded classy & superb !

The Idea
we discussed lot of topics , we planned to make windows phone API integration using BIT COIN transactions ! but we dropped it as we didn't even know what it is ? we were asked to submit the abstract the day before the hackathon . our idea is ready in a matter of 10 minutes . We planned to develop an explorer app for Chennai City . we named it as ENGA CHENNAI , then as NAMMA CHENNAI , Later we made it as NAMMA MADRAS , which gave us an emotional touch . 

The Pre-Hackathon discussions 

We barely discussed about the project . we were discussing about how to enjoy the night ! we discussed what snacks should be bought , what topics should we chit - chat etc., we didn't even care to download our software's . 

The Big-Night is here

Being a participant & none o your teammates having the required softwares . who cares , we are here for enjoyment . let's enjoy folks ! the fun began ! which didn't even last for hours . we faught & enjoyment came to an end . now we were serious  . its 2.00 AM , we didn't even code for a page . 2mins break for tea is a biggest break we took . still we had a problem with emulator , once its rectified , we still had a problem with path . then we didn't have a windows phone to run it ! omg ! atlast our app did run ! . . . . .

Dhik dhik dhik ...... minutes 

after so many struggles , we did complete our app ! we did a great work before the reviewers ! it seems they were happy with our works ! A small hope in got lit up ! we may atleast be the runner in the competition . our Faces went pale when the runners were announced ! its was not us ! some other team from ECE . :/ Karthika mam was about to announce the winners . almost my heart stopped pumping for a minute . it was us ! our names were called out ! no words came out o my mouth ! we did it ! Team Rudra Made the day ! :D WINNERS of HACK - B . 

The Reason Behind 

Our Anand sir was backbone of our team ! the supporting & encouraging person who helped us a lot during the competition . Thanks to him ! thanks to parthipan sir ! thanks to all the staff crew ! thanks to class advisor Mr. Ram Kumar who keeps on encouraging us . thanks to my buddies sankaran & subeendra for their support . :) Lokesh - u did a great a show man ! hats of _/\_ 

Though we had fights , we had misunderstandings , we WON at last :D . nanga eppovume apdi thaan 


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