Saturday, 28 May 2016

Just Engineering Things

I completed my 4 years of engineering . But still couldn't figure out what it really meant! Just engineering things for you !

Choosing for income

Adam Caroll says “College is a business decision”

Join A college , Get a degree , Get a job, Get paid for it . Live in Luxury !
Money Doesn’t buy you happiness. But absolutely lack of money certainly makes you unhappy. But again at certain point you will feel money won’t really makes you happier.
Lets say you work for 40-50 hours per week . Don’t let this 50 hrs just to mint money alone. Find Something you can be interested.

Letting Authoritical figures influencing you

What They see ?
  • Major  in something marketable
  • Stay away from small degree
  • Less risky
  • Do what that will get you paid

What you have to understand ?
  • You can learn from anyone
  • Experience is your teacher

“A king should be strong. He accepts counsel, but only when he asks for it. He makes clear that the final decision is his, not the counsellors "
                               -   The Well Of Ascension ( Mistborn Trilogy – Book 2)
Don’t let Anyone counsel pull you away from you passion too quickly.

Finding your passion

Finding your passion is terrible . Of course ! everyone will encounter this question to you.

  • What did the previous generations do ?
  • Focus on hard work
  • Job stability
  • fulfilling career
  • Complete boredom & uninteresting job

This means 100% mechanized life.

Choose a job you love , and you will never have to work a day in your life !
-          Confucius

What really Blocks you from getting a job is Experience !

When you work hard at something , you become good at it . When you become good at something ,you enjoy doing it . When you enjoy doing something , you will become passionate about it.
(It’s actually ‘Interest’ ! Don’t let you feel its your passion)

Reality is much more different from Academics.

“What you learn & do in your classroom is usually very poor indicator of what actual career in your major will be like.”
Internships?? This helps a lot to identify !

“Giving up is a tactical skill ! Not a weakness”
-          Cal Newport
It actually means turning your attention to a more promising opportunity

8.       Double Majoring without a reason
Looks more impressive on your resume . It will Eat up lot of time.

Instead of double majoring , what could be done?

  • Gain Work experience
  • Volunteering
  • Build social skills
  • Make connections
                      Choosing based on romanticized image

I completed four years in computer science engineering, Guess what I could be doing ?

  • Building own computer?
  • Tweaking the CPU& over clocking
  • Making own websites & Apps?
  • Programming for fun?
  • Experimenting with new software’s?
  • Hacking systems like they show in movies?

Its totally cool to get inspired by what you see in movies, read in book, play in games. But real world isn’t the same. Neither  you are a movie character.

Part of successfully reaching a destination or achieving goal is having a clear path to follow

Happiness doesn’t  comes from money as long as your basic needs are met . Additional money doesn’t give happiness, it gives material luxury . also brings problems .

Choose wisely .  Happy Day J