Monday, 13 February 2017

Just Relationship Things!

The Types of Talks

Most relationships begin on a high note, fed with a generous amount of thrill, with copious amounts of mystery thrown in. But what makes your relationship interesting is the couple’s conversation.

There are a lot of things that are trademarked when you are in a relationship!
I have not dated much, but I do have an experience to tell what quality conversations can be like.

The unending fling

When you are truly madly deeply in love with someone , the spark stays there no matter how long you have dating.

-        I’m lucky to have you in my life.
-        You look so gorgeous.
-        You are the best thing that happened in my life.

And blah-blah-blahh.....

The midnight talks

The most favourite kind of talk among the couples is the Midnight talks. Covered under blanket, scolding’s from mom for staying awake late night , the husky voice talks.

The hyper excited talks

When know each other well & you start to share each & every pinch of details that happened to you to your better half.

These talks makes face light up your face brighter & filled with energy and listener keeps falling in love with you.

  The stupid talks

No matter how old we are ,  we are kid at heart. Even the most intellectual person talks stupid. We laugh the hell out in each others dumbest joke.

-        Why are blue berries blue ? Because they are BLUE berries !! Mehhhhh!!

  The meaningful talks

Sometimes you feel like you are stepping forward. You start talking your future , your career , you passion, your ambitions.

The breakdown talks

The beauty and depth of any relationship is that how you two communicate and how vulnerable you both are. There are bad When you bravely open up and tell your insecurities to your partner, it's the purest form of love! Conversations like these are everlasting in your heart .
-        I have never felt so humiliated, it was so bad. 
-        “You know you are the bravest person I have ever met, I can't deal with it the way you deal my lady”
-        “ Hey, come-on! You can cry. I know you don't do that in front of anyone, but it's okay to cry a little sometimes, here come rest your head here.”

      The funny bone talk
I don't know if everyone does it or not, but when you comment in sarcasm and the other one is able to take it on the chin things can't go better.

 The angry talks

It's common to fight and it's the necessary essence of a relationship. The talks and random irritations taking over is what leads to conversations like these;
- I hate you!
- Don’t ever talk to me
-  And you totally forgot my birthday isn’t it ?

 The silent talks

An important milestone of every relationship is discovering comfort in each other's company without needed to fill the silence with conversation. All you need is a hug or just a silent walk holding his/her hand .

The lovey dovey:

Apart form all this there is always a sentence that lights you up. No matter how depressed you are and these conversations are the ones that make you smile even when you are at your lowest;
  •          Makes me fall for you a little more
  •         I miss you
  •         I don't feel any worries when I am with you.

Many such words and conversations…but ultimately this one line:
“I Love You”

P.S. Special Thanks to Quora.

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