Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mysore Days

going for a trip with ur classmates , traveling with them & knowing more about them is really a bliss ! had a good time with you folks ! special  thanks  to sriram , rutvij , pratik ,rubpan , sakaran , sitharthan , yuvarani , swarna , nithya , bala ,saravana 

listing out those magical moments in order !

1. travelling to banglore 

didn't reserve the ticket till last moment  , travelling in bus , window seat , chill climate and a random girl sitting near you is really a boon ! :-D 

2.The Name boards 

after reaching banglore , im confused all the name boards are in kannada - it looked like , jaelabi's are made into pieces & struck on name board  

3.Auto Waalas 

east or west , north or south - the auto drivers are same throughout India . if u r new to the city , they'll empty ur purse ! :P 

4.selfie pulla ! 

hiring a photographer when u travel alone is too mainstream :P selfie's everywhere ! :P 

5.taj hotel 

being in a 5 star hotel is one of the greatest thing i hope ! 

6.people ! 

i loved those people in mysore ! they were really awesome ! <3 

7. Girls ! 

white skin - u girls everywere ! :P can't move the eyes off them ! 

8.NIE - National Institute of Engineering , Mysore 

couldn't forget this college ! had a beautiful tym there ! wish i had been there !

9.Mukhi's talk 

meeting the CEO of pepper square & had a great tym with him ! 

10.Night party @ NIE 

any college event was not as fun as i had in NIE ! 

11. The Preparation 

midnight preparation - on the day before the event with nithya & rubpan ! :D great tym with u folks ! 

12.The team 

having a good team will always make u cheered up !

13. The Presentation Day 

win are lose , we are happy at the end of the day ! :D  

14. Airport tamashaa 

@rutvij - u r timing sense was perfect !@ :D 

15 . The Food 

saturday night after party , the food was awsome ! harsha & team thanks for that ! 

16. The stay 

thanks BSNL for offering the stay for us in ur RTTC . we loved that place !


thanks NIE for choosing a perfect place for e-tour ! folks - u missed out the fun u had !

18 . BUS ride in NIE 

NIE guys & girls - u were awesome ! <3 thanks for those tamil songs u sung that day !

19. Party 

that surprise delights they gave on that day was mindblowing ! 

20 . Mc Donalds 

filling up ur tummy & having ur friends aroung is great fun ! 


i wish i stayed there for a longe time !

22. Train journey 

i always loved train journeys ! people became much closer ! special thanks to sriram ! 


  1. you missed coke with 2 straws. had a great fun. also write about the late night train gossips.

  2. rofl ! was that coke ?? :P late night gossips was really awesome ! :D