Sunday, 14 September 2014

HBD Avanthika ! :)

Some People Really Occupy A Very Special Place in Ur Life.... 
They Are always Ur Partner in crime .... 
Besides this Whenever U Interact With Them,
It Brings A Bright Smile On Ur Lips! 
U Feel Positive Vibes Around U! 
U Feel So Attached To Them That U Can Spend Hours Talking To Them! ^_^

This Baby 
Celebrates her 20th Birthday ! 

As she celebrates another year of being what she is, here are 20 things that I love about Her ! 

1. She loves pani poori !

2.She loves Suresh Raina 

3.She is friendly !

4.She looks good in traditionals  !

5.She has a lovely voice ! :P 

6.She loves books 

7.She loves rajini kant

8. She loes to write !

9. She loves to draw !

10. She loves icecreams & cakes  !

12.She loves TEA

13.She loves to pose for photos 

14.She loves travelling

15.She loves talking ! 

16.She loves her cat - Anjali 

17.She loves taking selfies!

18 . She is an aspiring weightlifter :-p 

19. everyone loves her ^_^

20.She loves toys  :P 

She's always my bestieee ! :D