Monday, 21 April 2014

26 Reasons - why I should live !

No one could have suspected something was wrong with me. I had always been the clown in my social circle. Clowns don't cry. But I did.

One night I took out a piece of paper and a pen to draft a suicidal note. I touched my pen to the paper but couldn't write. Words didn't come. my pen wouldn't form them.So I took a deep breath and wrote something entirely different.

WHY I Should Not  DIE ??? 

1.My friends & family will miss me !!
of course they have been a moral support to me always !

2.i've read that afterlife will be much scary !
i don't wanna roam around as a ghost in this stupid city again !

3.i need to clear my maths Arrear !
i just wanna show my parents that i'm capable of doing this !

4.want to find out who really killed adithya karikalaan 
this question is always lingering in my mind & still can't come to a conclusion !

5.will there be Icecreams there(heaven/hell) ??
i can't just live without ice creams !!

6.even if my life is not important to me , it might be important to someone else !!
i just remembered panimalar <3 how could she ever live without me??

7.i still have 42 books piled up in my rack !!
i don't want it to be thrown into trash in my absense !

8.there are still a lot of people who deserves to die ! -_-
why should i die when there are lots of assholes buzzing around me daily !

9.i know i would surely fail in this attempt & end up in surviving !
lot of movies which i have watched these years have made me change my mind :P one else has that half-sense to post stupid posts in facebook !
surely my fbwaala friends will miss me :P

11.i've never watched a first day first show :O
in these 18 years i've never gone for any fdfs !

12.With my luck , probably i may be the next president or PM !
one of my childhood dream which i often think about !

13.i've never tasted wine !
though i didn't have any special interst in drinking or smoking , yet i want to try it atleast once !

14.i wanna drive a classy car on my own ! !!
i really admire those pricy cars in highways & thought of having one of my own !!

15.pani poori anna will miss me !!
i am a regular custor that ! & that anna will me :P

16.who'll complete my story??
i have been writing a story for aa week long & isabella will not rest in peace then !

17.who's gonna write letters to my grandparents?
i'm the only guy who writes letters in this modern era !!

18.The world needs my help!
who knows may be i may get a spider's bite & become next spider man or something :P

19.want to kick the ass of someone!!
i just want to give a damn to those dumbasses ! dbms record is incomplete !
i hate incompleteness ! :P so let me complete my record :P

21.wanna go another campfire !!!
that was fantastic when i went on a campfire last time ! i wanna have that experience once more !

22.i love midnight cycle rides !!
i always go around the city with my cycle in night times & i may miss those experiences !

23.i wanna cook a recipie on my own !
i have a great concern on foods but never ever cooked !

24.There are super cool films coming out.
kochadaiyaan , Aii , & much more !! :D

25.i wan't see myself losing weight 
i just really wanted to workout & lose lot of weight!! :D

26.hope one day my smile is real !!
i'm sure this will happen one or the other day ! & i'll live happily ever after !

I couldn't write a suicide note. And I couldn't commit suicide without writing one. So I didn't die.


  1. ji :D mass ji :D
    Reasons y "I" live'kum nerya reasons idhu maadhri sollalam B|

    1. ji point six dhaan ji ennaya suicide panna vidama thaduchu :P